Prospective Students


ASDC is now registering for our 2019-2020 Year

We would be honored if you joined our All Stars Dance Center Family. Please, look below for our Registration process and Studio Policies so you will know how we run things. Of course, if you have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to email us with your query.



Studio Policies


Tuition is due by the 1st of each month, September-May. We do not send out reminders and all auto-pays are processed on the FIRST day of each month (if you have already set up auto-pay online with your account credit card). If for any reason your payment is returned NSF, you will be charged a $30 processing fee. You will be notified by statement for any NSF’s, late costume payments, or late tuition balances. You will receive this information by email only so please keep your email address current throughout the year. Tuition remains the same no matter how many weeks are in the month. It has simply been calculated for the whole nine month dance year and divided into nine monthly payments. Please make sure we have your correct email address by checking it out online.



Regular, on-time class attendance and participation is required by all registered students. Students are expected to respect teachers and other students; which includes no cell phone use during class.

The most crucial time for attendance in performing classes is the six weeks prior to a performance.  If a class is to be missed in this time frame, it is imperative to give your teacher as much advance notice as possible. If you miss more classes than is approved by your teacher, you will be removed from the performance. Please email or phone asap for any absences in performing classes.


Holidays and Bad Weather:

If there is a bad weather day, the studio will only close if PGISD and TISD close. If in doubt, CHECK THE WEBSITE, call the studio and check the recording or look for an email. We do not observe any Holidays other than Thanksgiving Week, Christmas (closed the same two weeks as PGISD and TISD), and Spring Break (closed the same week as PGISD and TISD). We DO NOT observe any other in-service days, or any other Holidays or days given by the schools.



Our recital is the first Saturday in June. We will have two performances. Both shows will be held at the Perot Theatre on the same day.


Dress Code:

ASDC does have a dress code for its students and all students must abide by it. You will be given your proper supply list prior to the beginning of classes. Students must have the proper attire. Hair should be pulled back out of the dancer’s face. Advanced dancers should have their hair in a bun.



Studio loyalty is very important at ASDC. We only allow our students to take dance class at ASDC from ASDC teachers. We strive to conform to the Highest Ethics and Standards of the Dance Community. ASDC is a member of the Texarkana Community Ballet. Miss Ali, Ms. Tiffany, and Ms. Kristen are all active Texarkana Community Ballet Member Teachers. We abide by ALL of its ethics, codes, and policies as well. Gymnastics classes may, of course, be taken at other facilities.



Teachers at ASDC may be contacted at times OTHER than when they are in class by dropping a note in the lobby box or by email. Please do not take them from their class when they are trying to teach. Please keep our Lobby quiet as you wait for your student to finish class.



Please park only in designated spaces. Also, please do not park in surrounding business’s parking lots. Feel free to use the cul-de-sac for parking. Students should be escorted to and from class for the utmost safety. Please park only in designated spaces! DO NOT PARK in the grassy area to the West of our studio or block the drive to that business.


Follow these simple directions to officially register at ASDC:

  1.   Click Parent Access.
  2.   Enter the email address you registered with if you are a current student. If you are new to ASDC enter your preferred email address and a password will be sent to you to continue and complete your registration.
  3.   DO NOT try to register if you are a CURRENT student-you are already registered!
  4.   If you are a current student but this is your first time to go to the online account, click the SECOND bullet-you are a current student but this is your first time to access the account. You will be directed through password establishment and then taken to your account where you can setup Auto-Pay or use your debit/credit card to make all payments.
  5.   If you are a NEW STUDENT at ASDC, click the first bullet - “I am a new account” and you will be directed from there as to how to create your account.
  6.   If you’ve previously accessed your account, then continue to use your same email address and password to manage and register. You do not have to
  7.   Once you’ve accessed your account, click “Register for Classes” and be sure to enroll using your assigned Class Number and “Enroll” in every 30 minute segment. (Example: enroll in Class #7: Ballet, Class #7 Tap, Class #7 Jazz, Class #7 Lyrical, etc.)

*If you do not know your class number email us at